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1 June 2009, 13:25h

January 2008 marked my 35 year anniversary of teaching physical science in about 350 physical science courses for UMUC in Germany. I have had the pleasure of meeting about 7,000 students, and I love them all. They deserve my thanks, for they have taught me a lot.

When emailing me, please use the rules of my Teaching Netiquette (for the Subject of your emails, etc.). Thank you for your time & interest in my teaching and professional laboratory instruments.

Current Courses:

Summer 2009 Session (Term 5), Mon 1 JUN - Wed 22 JUL 09

  • GEOL-120 INTRO PHYSICAL GEOLOGY at Kaiserslautern KAPAUN, EdC, room 202, MoWe; 17:00-19:45h,
  • GEOL-110 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY LAB at Kaiserslautern KAPAUN, EdC, room 202, MoWe; 20:00-22:00h.

My recommendation:
Take the easy -110 LAB, the"appendix" to the basic GEOL-100/120  courses. It is a 1 credit hour practical course which will strengthen your knowledge of the main course subject. The LAB expects your attendance; your grade will be based on your exercises & homework, which are usually completed with open notebooks & textbook group work (in contrast to the multiple choice main course exams which are  closed book only minds are open!).

Used textbooks - try the following link:
FieldReps: Please, print info on science courses at Kaiserslautern  Kapaun  (click).

Contact Information

  • Jiri Brezina
  • Heidelberger Str. 68, Waldhilsbach
  • D-69151 Neckargemünd, Germany
  • Phone: +49-6223-7014
  • Fax: +49-6223-3421
  • (Cell: +49-171-976 2666)

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