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Nature & We

Sometime we separate Nature from us and talk about our environment instead. But, we are not God to have a prominent position in our world. Some are seeking God and forget that He is in us. He gave us our life and its most valuable feature - love. Some need an evidence of the God's existence, some think that love needs an evidence, such as miracles. They make God responsible for crime and injustice. They do not know what they say ... They have not yet learned what is trust.

The more we learn, the more we love. Do you believe me that? Try it. Are you seeking happiness, luck? Be happy that you exist and are allowed to experience and admire the miracles outside and inside of us. Enjoy every second of our life, under any condition, even disease. Don't worry - be happy.

Nature & Miracles

Here are a few examples of Miracles developed by life evolution. Note, that all of them formed in response to a needed function, usually environment which has frequently changed and forced the living species to adapt. As a result, we may be astonished by the solutions of life to preserve itself, such as incredible anatomic constructions and the accompanying physiologic operations. My examples start with sensors.

Sensors of Electromagnetic Radiation
We call most of them eyes, if they process light, usually visible, into images.

Sensors of the Matter Compressional Oscillations
We call most of them ears, if the matter is a gas, such as air, and we feel the oscillations as a sound. It radiates from one point to all directions.

Computing & Science In 2020
Advances in computing – in processing speed, network capacity and in software – have driven rapid changes in the amount scientists can do and
the way they do it in the past two decades. From global climate modelling to the sequencing of the human genome, many scientific advances of the
past decade simply would not have been possible with the machinery and software of the early 1990s. This rapid rate of change is likely to be
equalled, maybe even surpassed, over the next one to two decades. Over that timeframe science will experience an information explosion.

The Magazine Nature looks at how tomorrow’s computer technology will change the face of science, including radical improvements in hardware such as
the first practical quantum computer, by 2020.
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Towards 2020 Science – a revolution is underway in science, underpinned by the convergence of computing and the sciences, with
potentially profound implications for science and for addressing some of our greatest challenges in the 21st Century, such as, loss of
Earth’s life support systems, future energy and fundamental advances in medicine. Towards 2020 Science is an ambitious report from an
international group of scientists assessing how computing and computer science are already transforming science to address such
challenges, and must continue to do so towards 2020.
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