Jiri Brezina Teaching

Teaching Physical Science at University of Maryland

I joined the University of Maryland's European Division as adjunct faculty in January 1973. Since that time, I have been teaching the following courses for about 7,000 students:

ASTR-100 Introduction to Astronomy

3 credit hours

Currently at Mannheim SULLIVAN, MoWe 17:00 - 19:45h, textbook by Michael A. Seeds, 10th edition, 2008. Special features of my ASTR-100 course: Textbook Guide, 22 (or more) pages.  Two Saturday field trips are offered (click).

ASTR-110 Introduction to Astronomy LABORATORY

1 credit hour

Currently at Mannheim SULLIVAN, MoWe 20:00 - 22:00h,  textbook Introductory Astronomy Exercises by Dale C. Ferguson, 2nd Ed., 2001. Special features of my ASTR-110 course: in addition to the 10" Dobsonian Orion telescope, which we'll use for studying the Sun (Sun spots, Sun rotation, etc.), the Celestron SkyScout, a GPS sky object (>10,000 objects, such as stars, planets, spacecraft) identifier. I consider to buy also a GPS controlled about $2000 value Meade telescope. For in-room studies, we have ten manual spectroscopes, and, I hope, we'll obtain other useful equipment, such as optical benches, etc.. Field Trips: two Saturday field trips are offered (click).

GEOL-100 Introduction to Physical Geology

3 credit hours

Currently at RAMSTEIN,  MoWe, 17:00 - 19:45h,  textbook by Anatole Dolgoff, Houghton Mifflin, updated version 1998 (click), Special features of my GEOL-100 course: Textbook Guide 24 pages. Two Saturday field trips are offered (click).

GEOL-110 Introduction to Physical Geology LABORATORY

1 credit hour

Currently at RAMSTEIN,  MoWe, 20:00 - 22:00h, textbook Exercises in Physical Geology by Hamblin & Howard, Prentice Hall, 11th edition 2002.

GEOL-120 Environmental Geology

3 credit hours

Current textbook by Carla W. Montgomery, 7th edition, 2006. Special features of my GEOL-120 course: Textbook Guide (21 or more pages); Field Trips: two Saturday field trips are offered (click).

GEOL-198A Earthquakes (weekend seminar)

1 credit hour

Textbook by Bruce A. Bolt, Earthquakes, 5th edition, 2003, 378 pages 

GEOL-198B Volcanoes/Landscapes (weekend seminar)

1 credit hour

Textbook by Robert & Barbara Decker, Volcanoes, 3rd edition, 1997. Students are encouraged to download (from this page a week before the seminar) a detailed list of  topics which will be presented. A selection of these topics will help an efficient preparation for the 40 multiple choice Quiz questions (each 2 pts, total 80 pts). The results of the Quiz will be used for the Final Grade of this weekend seminar. We will learn the most modern concept of volcanism as a phenomenon common in the cosmic bodies (Earth like planets and satellites) of the Solar System.

NSCI-100 Introduction to Physical Science

3 credit hours

Textbook by P. G. Hewitt, J. A. Suchocki, & L. Hewitt, 3rd ed., 2004, Conceptual physical science, San Francisco, CA: Addison-Wesley. Special features of my NSCI-100 course: Textbook Guide: 38 (or more) pages, including a thorough index of definitions, synonyms, updates, and terms explained in an encyclopedic form; Two Saturday field trips are offered:  one geological, one astronomical.

NSCI-101 Introduction to Physical Science LABORATORY

1 credit hour

Textbook by Hewitt, P. G., Suchocki, J. A., Hewitt, L., & Baird, D. A. (2004), Conceptual physical science laboratory manual (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Addison-Wesley. We'll do simple physical & chemical experiments and two Saturday Field Trips (click): one geological, one astronomical.

NSCI-361 Global Environmental Change

3 credit hours

Distant Education Course

For each of my courses, in addition to a 2-page syllabus typeset by a color laser, students obtain my thorough Textbook Guide, consisting of 18 to 44 typeset pages. Each of my courses includes two field trips, providing practical experience. Both these features have been appreciated not only by the participating students but also by the USA universities, where my students apply for transfer credits: field trips are similarly acknowledged as the additional 1 credit hour laboratory course.

Authorized students are welcome to download the following documents pertaining to the student's current class:

  • Textbook Guide
  • Results from the corrected tests and quizzes
  • Anonymous point and grade distribution with student's personal results to see her/his position among other students in the class
  • Other personal information upon wish

This download is restricted to registered students only who will be asked for their full name and SSN. The authorization password will be sent within few minutes to few hours, depending on the provider's support.

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